IoT Solution Consultancy

MSALGO is experienced in providing of IoT Solutions, established in 1991, which utilize cutting edge technology of the “Internet of Things”. We create minuscule smart solutions for physical devices/machines by implanting microchips and sensors into different objects.

We create solutions to enable, not only people, but also “things” to connect to the internet. And with custom applications, collect vast amounts of data, process them and allow these embedded products to wisely respond according to the circumstances.

We offer customized solutions to various applications such as Smart Homes Automation, Smart Lighting, Smart Farming, Smart Apparels and much more in a list .


Welcome To MSALGO

Electronic Hardware

-Full Product Design
-Product Re-development
-Technology Innovation
- Wireless Technology

Product Development

- Circuit Design
- Prototype Implementation
- Designated Style
- 3D Printing

Incubation Center

- Scientific Profile
- Smart Farm
- Intelligence & Automation
- Energy Harvesting