Gas Dectection

Gas Monitoring and Instruments standards are general practices in various environment. Through the establishment of cutting-edge techniques for an efficient measurement and analysis of distinct gas, a high precision of gas monitoring is made even possible to every room, place and city.

Humidity Sensor

Capacitive Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Air Pressure

Infrared Thermopile

Light Sensor





Wi-Fi connection is realized. PandoBox could be configured at the first time it starts. By using Android or iOS Mobile application, users can connect to the PandoBox and enter relevant information of router. In this version, PandoBox can be applied in Intranet or Internet mode. Data could be downloaded constantly through router and server.


Bluetooth Low-Energy is applied. Once the battery is placed, the PandoBox would automatically broadcast all the data from sensors. Any Bluetooth device is able to receive data from sensor. It is secure that the data is connective with encryption. A physical button on PandoBox could be pressed for 5 seconds until LED flash and buzzer alarm, in order to provide an accessible and connectable stage for PandoBox. APP is able to alter relevant configurations and changes in this mode. Selective sensors are controlled by APP for energy-saving in connection mode